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Building Floor RSF
One Union Square032517
One Union Square032118
One Union Square046201
One Union Square041746
One Union Square062650
One Union Square064845
One Union Square063048
One Union Square074924
One Union Square081037
One Union Square096014
One Union Square1118832
One Union Square132457
One Union Square1328367
One Union Square159731
One Union Square161058
One Union Square173077
One Union Square172727
One Union Square187455
One Union Square2213065
One Union Square236222
One Union Square245481
One Union Square253023
One Union Square272639
One Union Square283253
One Union Square30
One Union Square30998
One Union Square301438
One Union Square3119605
One Union Square326955
Building Floor RSF
Two Union Square016844
Two Union Square032682
Two Union Square042636
Two Union Square045499
Two Union Square055080
Two Union Square062140
Two Union Square1321547
Two Union Square156162
Two Union Square16678
Two Union Square161651
Two Union Square167858
Two Union Square162709
Two Union Square273855
Two Union Square291086
Two Union Square321764
Two Union Square333862
Two Union Square352708
Two Union Square372529
Two Union Square396483
Two Union Square467056
Two Union Square465948
Two Union Square4722484
Two Union Square4822566
Two Union Square497880
Two Union Square498919
Two Union Square4931485
Two Union Square5011502
Two Union Square532635
Two Union Square5417461